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Announcing NSX-T 3.2: Innovations in Multi-Cloud Security, Networking, and Operations 

We’re excited to announce VMware NSX-T 3.2, one of the largest NSX releases so far. NSX-T 3.2 includes key innovations across multi-cloud security, scale-out networking for containers, VMs, and physical workloads. It also delivers simplified operations that help enterprises achieve a one-click, public cloud experience wherever their workloads are deployed. 

Strong Multi-Cloud Security 

NSX-T 3.2 provides strong, multi-cloud, easy-to-operationalize network defenses that secure application traffic within and across clouds. NSX-T 3.2 goes a step further in making it easy to enable Zero Trust application access across multi-cloud environments — enabling customers to secure traffic across applications and individual workloads with security controls that are consistent, automated, attached to the workload, and elastic in scale. 

Tapless Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)

Network traffic analysis (NTA) and sandboxing solutions are integrated directly into the NSX Distributed Firewall (DFW). NSX eliminates traffic hairpins by distributing NTA as a service within the hypervisor. Combined with distributed IDS/IPS capabilities, security teams can now virtualize the entire security stack and eliminate blind spots while allowing security policies and controls to follow workflows throughout their lifecycle, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. 

Gateway Firewall

The enhanced gateway firewall serves as a software-based gateway with L2-L7 controls — including URL filtering and advanced threat prevention with malware analysis and sandboxing. This extends centralized security controls to physical workloads, the data center perimeter, and the public cloud edge — ensuring consistent security controls across both east-west and north-south application traffic Continue reading

Simplify the Modern Network with VMware NSX-T 3.1

Continuing our commitment to helping organizations around the world deliver a public cloud experience in the data center through VMware’s Virtual Cloud Network, were excited to announce the general availability of VMware NSX-TTM 3.1. This latest release of our full stack Layer 2 7 networking and security platform delivers capabilities that allow you to build modern networks at cloud scale while simplifying operations and strengthening security for east-west traffic inside the data center.  

As we continue to adapt to new realities, organizations need to build modern networks that can deliver any application, to any user, anywhere at any time, over any infrastructure all while ensuring performance and connectivity objectives are met. And they need to do this at public cloud scale. NSX-T 3.1 gives organizations a way to simplify modern networks and replace legacy appliances that congest data center traffic. The Virtual Cloud Network powered by NSX-T enables you to achieve a stronger security posture and run virtual and containerized workloads anywhere. 

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VMware Delivers NSX-T 3.0 with Innovations in Cloud, Security, Containers, and Operations

We are excited to announce the general availability of VMware NSX-T™ 3.0, a major release of our full stack Layer 2 to Layer 7 networking platform that offers virtual networking, security, load balancing, visibility, and analytics in a single platform. NSX-T 3.0 includes key innovations across cloud-scale networkingsecurity, containers, and operations that help enterprises achieve one-click public cloud experience wherever their workloads are deployedAs enterprises adopt cloud, containers, and new applications, IT teams are managing more heterogenous and distributed environments that need to be secured, automated, and monitoredThe need to run and manage workloads on all types of infrastructure, VMs, containers, bare metal across both private and public cloudsis greater than ever. Enterprises need end-to-end software-defined solutions to fully automate, connect, and protect all their workloads. 

As a key component of VMware Virtual Cloud NetworkVMware NSX-T 3.0 includes groundbreaking innovations that make it easier to replace legacy appliances that congest data center traffic, achieve stronger security posture, and run virtual Continue reading

NSX-T 2.5 – A New Marker on the Innovation Timeline

NSX-T has seen great success in the market for multi-platform network and security use-cases, including automation, multi-cloud adoption, and containers as customers move through the digital transformation initiative. NSX-T is the industry’s only network and security platform delivering a wide range of L2-L7 services, built from the ground up for workloads running on all types of infrastructure – virtual machines, containers, physical servers and both private and public clouds.

This year, we are hyper-focused on innovation, and in bringing transformative capabilities to market through NSX-T, which is the foundation for both our VMware NSX Data Center and NSX Cloud offerings. This release of NSX-T further strengthens our intrinsic security capabilities architected directly into networks and public and private cloud workloads that applications and data live on, reducing the attack surface. This version also keeps up the accelerated pace of innovation we are delivering on for scalability, cloud-native support, and operational simplicity which can accelerate customers’ adoption of a Virtual Cloud Network architecture.

Key Focus Areas in NSX-T 2.5


Launching NSX Intelligence – A Native, Distributed Analytics Engine

Analytics-based policy recommendation and compliance, streamlined security operations

NSX Intelligence is a distributed analytics engine that provides continuous data-center wide visibility Continue reading