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Car Warranty vs Technology Service Contract

I’ve been struggling with the value of service contracts on IT equipment for some time now. As a rule of thumb, service contracts on IT infrastructure cost ~30% of the purchase price. This means that over three years of ownership you will pay the purchase price again. Which is quite a thing. I’m struggling to […]

Ode to Networking 0x00000011 – Did it Once

We’ve all done it once The old buggers say Powered down the data centre  by accident one day Today its a lot harder to do because people like me  have all done it once Now no one does it just once And no one remembers  Why the power system  Is done that way

Ode to Networking 0x00000010

Ode to Networking 0x00000010 The internet is distributed Clouds are not The internet is edge design Clouds are not The internet is quite resilient Clouds are not The internet is cheap Clouds are not - Greg Ferro

Business without labour, Automation without workers

First posted in Human Infrastructure Magazine in March 2020 Its fashionable in Enterprise IT is to reduce headcount. This reflects a wider business fashion of ‘business without labour’ that chases the dream of ‘profits without cost’. You see, investors watch ‘revenue per employee’ or ‘profit per employee’ and IT managers feel  pressure to ditch people […]

The 5G Problems

The Apple iPhone 12 has 5G but its not for customers. Its because the mobile co’s wanted it. And they indirectly paid Apple for it. While its true that 5G increases bandwidth and reduces latency, it more important that it reduces infrastructure costs. Alert: This twitter thread is a trial of the “blog post as […]