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Packet Pushers LiveStream – Alkira and Multi-cloud Networking

We are doing the first ever Packet Pushers LiveStream on Thursday, April 22nd 1000PST/1300CET/1700GMT. Our take on a LiveStream is a cross between live podcast, presentation and interviews where the audience  can join us live for recording.   Our sponsor is Alkira and Multi-Cloud Networking. The Alkira product is interesting in its ability to build network […]

HTTP Protocol, Web Page Waterfalls and Complexity

One aspect of networking is that some understanding of the protocols using the network is required. As HTTPS replaces nearly all other protocols I would suggest that everyone needs a working understanding of how a web page is fetched by a web browser. WebPageTest is a community tool that reads web pages and then displays […]

Car Warranty vs Technology Service Contract

I’ve been struggling with the value of service contracts on IT equipment for some time now. As a rule of thumb, service contracts on IT infrastructure cost ~30% of the purchase price. This means that over three years of ownership you will pay the purchase price again. Which is quite a thing. I’m struggling to […]

Ode to Networking 0x00000011 – Did it Once

We’ve all done it once The old buggers say Powered down the data centre  by accident one day Today its a lot harder to do because people like me  have all done it once Now no one does it just once And no one remembers  Why the power system  Is done that way