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Wave Glider Robots

This video opened my mind to the ideas of robotic surveillance and data capture of the ocean. Wide range of civilian applications of course. But also police applications for customs and policing for monitoring the seaways around a country. And the military applications for defense and detection. Potentially even delivering a torpedo style payload.

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Field Engineering and COVID19

First posted in Human Infrastructure Magazine in April 2020 – a free email newsletter from the Packet Pushers. Subscribe here. How does business operate when the pandemic lockdown ‘ends’ and how does it impact you ? COVID19 won’t be gone,  its gonna be months before a new ‘normal’ emerges. Getting back to work means close […]

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Was DHCP the first Intent Networking feature ?

A key aspect of intent based networking is user transparency. That is, the network connects the user without any knowledge of why it works During a recent discussion on DHCP I realised that this process is a near perfect expression of intent. A workstation connects to the physical network and makes a configuration request An […]

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Blessay: Coin-Operated Evangelism

This article was first published in Packet Pushers Human Infrastructure Magazine. An email newsletter that talks about being a human in technology. You can subscribe, for free here.  I struggle with the concept of ‘corporate evangelism’.  So here are some thoughts on the topic.  Religious Roots Evangelism is a religious principle that your belief is […]

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