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App Micro-segmentation How To’s: Informatica, Oracle and SAP

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Are you someone that prefers a blank sheet of paper or an empty text pad screen?  Do you get the time to have that thought process to create the words, images or code to fill that empty space?  Yes to both — I’m impressed!  Creating something from scratch is an absolutely magical feeling especially once it gets to a point of sharing or usefulness.  However, many of us spend a bit more of our time editing, building upon or debugging.  Fortunately, that can be pretty interesting as well.

In the case of setting up mico-segmentation with VMware NSX Data Center, you have a couple options on quickly getting started:

Those resources and more are great jumping off points especially since you likely have more than just Informatica, Oracle and SAP apps in your environments.

Now, should you have those Informatica, Oracle and SAP apps, then here’s the next level of details.  I’m Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Networking & Security Sessions & Activities at VMworld Europe

At VMworld 2017, we took the NSX show on the road and demonstrated our expanded capabilities and support for new use cases, locations, and clouds.

But a lot has changed in a year.

Earlier in 2018, we announced the expansion of the NSX family of products to include NSX Data Center (formerly NSX), NSX Cloud, AppDefense, NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud, and NSX Hybrid Connect. With the new portfolio, we’ve delivered on the Virtual Cloud Network vision of connecting and protecting applications and data, regardless of where they sit – from the data center, to the cloud, and the edge.

VMworld Europe

To help you learn about this vision, and the products that underpin it, we have a huge VMworld 2018 in store for you. There are over 50 dedicated networking and security sessions covering everything from the basics to super-technical deep dives.

Be sure to attend the showcase sessions:

As a bonus, you can hear from real customers about their experiences in the Customer Panel on NSX Data Center.

Below is a guide to all things Networking and Security at Continue reading

NSX Cloud 2.3 – Support for AWS, Free Visibility into Public Cloud Workloads & more!

We are very excited about the following key NSX Cloud features which are shipping as part of the latest NSX release – NSX 2.3


Support for AWS:

NSX 2.3 now extends support for native AWS workloads. This is a big step towards VMware’s pursuit for a truly Hybrid Cloud NSX Solution. NSX customers can now simplify and scale operations across a growing number of accounts, subscriptions, virtual networks, availability zones and regions in AWS, Azure and private cloud. Furthermore, this opens the doors for adding more networking platform capabilities such as service insertion, etc.  Look out for more information on this in our future blogs.


Free Visibility into Public Cloud Workloads:

If you have an NSX-T based Datacenter deployed within your on-premise environment, it only takes one additional VM to extend your visibility to include all your Public Cloud workloads. Here is how you go about it: In the NSX-T download page, under the Product Downloads section, you will see the link to download NSX Manager / NSX Cloud Service Manager / NSX Policy Manager”. This is the NSX Unified Appliance which can be configured as an NSX Manager, or NSX Cloud Service Continue reading

Virtual Cloud Network Deep Dive: Join us in New York and Toronto!

Attention New York and Toronto, the NSX team is heading your way to deliver Deep Dive Sessions to help you get a jump start on taking your company’s networking and security to the next level!

With fall in the air, many of us are in the planning stages for big improvements for the year ahead. If your IT team is feeling pressure to increase agility, stay productive and help your company innovate, then you won’t want to miss these sessions to get a head start on the latest approach to networking and security.

The Problem with the Old Approach to Networking and Security

Traditional, hardware-based approaches to networking and security are pedantic, inflexible, and notoriously slow-moving. At the same time, the complexity around applications, services and data is increasing, while new, more sophisticated and ever-evolving threats are also in the mix – making IT teams responsible for more environments than ever before (data, cloud, branches, and the edge, oh my!). That’s all to say, there’s a lot to solve for. Luckily the NSX team has your back.

Build Your Foundation for a Virtual Cloud Network

VMware NSX® is an innovative networking and security approach that changes the Continue reading

Reference Guide Update: Deploying NSX Data Center on an ACI Underlay

NSX Data Center is now the de facto SDN standard for the Private Cloud. Reference guides for NSX Data Center are proven to reduce complexity in managing the physical switch infrastructure. This increases the infrastructures stability and requires a minimal set of system and service configuration to bring up the fabric. Organizations utilize NSX Data Center for a diverse set of use cases including security, a diverse application framework deployment platform, and application continuity across private and hybrid clouds.  With reference designs for any underlay, NSX Data Center is fulfilling its promise to be a platform over any infrastructure. NSX Data Center provides the cornerstone for the Virtual Cloud Network.

Overview of NSX Data Center with ACI Underlay

Ever since publishing our original design guide Deploying NSX with Cisco ACI as an Underlay, there has been an avalanche of interest in building out a more simplified Cisco infrastructure with ACI as the underlay. Most of the requests are for more detail when constructing the ACI underlay. The high-level design guidance in the original NSX reference design for ACI discussed the minimum ACI constructs necessary for an NSX Data Center deployment. These ideals have not changed.  The original paper called Continue reading

Learn How Tomorrow is Built: Sign Up for vForum Online Fall 2018

Some of the best things in life are at our fingertips: grocery delivery, the ability to schedule a cleaner with just a few clicks, hailing and tracking drivers from your phone – and now we’d like to add instantly and conveniently accessing information that can completely transform your organization’s IT infrastructure – all from the comfort of your own laptop, from wherever you happen to be.

That’s right – this year, VMware is delighted to present an online event designed to give you all the information you’ll need to help inspire serious changes to IT infrastructure within your organization. This half-day virtual IT event will feature incredible insight from vExperts that’s sure to inspire and educate IT professionals who are itching to deliver serious digital transformation around how to modernize data centers, integrate public clouds, transform networks and security, and secure digital workplaces.


vForum Online

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
9:00 am – 2:00 pm PDT / 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

The robust agenda and stellar lineup boasts everything from education and inspiration to actual implementation, including:

  • Keynote featuring VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, “Technology Superpowers: Pushing Through the Boundaries of What’s Possible” that’s sure to inspire;
  • 28 technical Continue reading

Announcing general availability of VMware NSX-T Data Center 2.3.0

With this release, NSX-T 2.3 continues to enable VMware’s vision of delivering consistent, pervasive connectivity and intrinsic security for applications and data across any environment. These new advancements help customers implement a more secure, end-to-end software-based network architecture – a Virtual Cloud Network – that supports their multi-cloud enterprises and advanced security in new and compelling ways.

NSX-T Data Center 2.3 extends advanced multi-cloud networking and security capabilities to AWS, in addition to Microsoft Azure and on-premises environments, and adds support for bare metal hosts as well.

Here are a few highlighted features among what’s new in this release.

Extending NSX-T Data Center support for Bare-Metal

NSX-T Data Center 2.3 introduces support for bare metal hosts, in addition to hypervisor and container environments. This includes Linux-based workloads running on bare-metal servers, as well as containers running on bare-metal servers without a hypervisor. To support this new capability, NSX-T leverages the Open vSwitch, allowing any Linux host to be an NSX-T transport node.

Bare-Metal Server Support

This release introduces support for Bare-Metal native compute workloads running RHEL 7.4, 7.5, CentOS 7.4, and Ubuntu 16.0.4 operating systems that allows users to network Bare-Metal compute Continue reading

VMware NSX-T Data Center in Evaluation for Common Criteria EAL4+ Certification

VMware NSX-T Data Center 2.x is now under evaluation for Common Criteria certification at Evaluation Assurance Level 4+ with BSI, Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security. Common Criteria is an internationally recognized standard (ISO-15408) that defines, validates, and assures security features and capabilities of IT security products. To see the evaluation status for VMware NSX-T 2.x, visit the German BSI certification website and reference certificate # BSI-DSZ-CC-1099.

VMware NSX-T was introduced to help organizations meet the stringent security demands of containerized workloads, multi-hypervisor, and multi-cloud. And this latest milestone for NSX-T 2.x reinforces VMware’s continuing commitment to deliver secure software to our customers. During the Common Criteria certification process, VMware NSX-T will undergo a thorough and rigorous evaluation methodology, with testing performed by a commercial Common Criteria Evaluation Facility under the oversight of the Certification Body. The Common Criteria certification acts as a seal of assurance for the federal government, its agencies, contractors and other organizations and assures that the product complies with strict security requirements specified within the designated level.

Within the VMware NSX portfolio, we have a long history of investing in certification efforts. For example, VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.x also Continue reading

Virtual Cloud Network Deep Dive: Join us in Minneapolis and the Bay Area!

Business moves fast in today’s digital landscape. Applications, services, and data are becoming more distributed, while threats are becoming more sophisticated. From data centers and the cloud to branches and the edge, IT teams are responsible for more environments than ever before, and the complexity is only increasing.

If your IT organization is under pressure to stay productive, increase agility, and help the business innovate, you know that expectations are high. You’re on the hook to:

  • Expand your software fluency and vendor agnostic knowledge for complex, interdependent infrastructures
  • Deliver a seamless and secure cross-cloud networking strategy
  • Keep up with continually changing applications and rapid development lifecycles
  • Identify every threat across environments, no matter how many alerts there are

Traditional, hardware-based approaches to networking and security can’t help you do all that. They’re inflexible and slow-moving; they require time-consuming manual intervention; they can’t connect and protect all the apps your business needs. That’s why it’s time to reinvent the network…in software.


Build Your Foundation for a Virtual Cloud Network

Our digital, app-centric world can be daunting, but a programmable network was built to meet these changing demands and evolve right along with them. VMware NSX® delivers the foundation for a Continue reading

Adaptive Micro-segmentation at Interfaith Medical Center

Christopher Frenz is the Associate Vice President of Infrastructure Security at Interfaith Medical Center (IMC) and has been with the company since 2013.

Interfaith is a multi-site healthcare system located in Central Brooklyn. The 287-bed non-profit teaching hospital and its network of ambulatory care clinics treat over 250,000 patients every year.


Transforming Security in Healthcare

Chris Corde, Senior Director of Security Product Management, had the chance to talk with Christopher about his journey with the VMware NSX portfolio.

Interfaith Medical Center, like many companies in the healthcare industry, is embracing new technology in the form of electronic health records (EHR) systems. The hospital also has an online portal that allows patients to view information about their treatment and prescriptions and take a more active role in their own care.

While IMC began considering VMware NSX for compliance reasons, they discovered the many benefits micro-segmentation brought to their increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

On top of what IMC implemented with micro-segmentation, they also deployed VMware AppDefense, a product that leverages the VMware ESX hypervisor to build a compute least-privilege security model for applications. AppDefense manages the intended state of an application, then uses the ESX hypervisor to Continue reading

Adaptive Micro-segmentation – Built-in Application Security from the Network to the Workload

A zero trust or least-privileged, security model has long been held as the best way to secure applications and data. At its core, a zero trust security model is based on having a whitelist of known good behaviors for an environment and enforcing this whitelist. This model is preferable to one that depends on identifying attacks in progress because attack methods are always changing, giving attackers the upper hand and leaving defenders a step behind.

The problem for IT and InfoSec teams has always been effectively operationalizing a zero trust model. As applications become increasingly distributed across hybrid environments and new application frameworks allow for constant change, a lack of comprehensive application visibility and consistent security control points is exacerbated for IT and InfoSec, making achieving a zero trust model even harder.

A modern application is not a piece of software running on a single machine — it’s a distributed system. Different pieces of software running on different workloads, networked together. And we have thousands of them, all commingled on a common infrastructure or, more lately, spanning multiple data centers and clouds. Our internal networks have evolved to be relatively flat — a decision designed to facilitate organic growth. But Continue reading

NSX Portfolio Realizing the Virtual Cloud Network for Customers

If you’re already in Las Vegas or heading there, we are excited to welcome you into the Virtual Cloud Network Experience at VMworld US 2018!

First, why is the networking and security business unit at VMware calling this a “Virtual Cloud Network Experience”? Announced May 1, the Virtual Cloud Network is the network model for the digital era. It is also the vision of VMware for the future of networking to empower customers to connect and protect applications and data, regardless of where they sit – from edge to edge.

At VMworld this year we’re making some announcements that are helping turn the Virtual Cloud Network vision into reality and showcasing customer that have embraced virtual cloud networking.

With that, here’s what’s new:

Public Cloud, Bare Metal, and Containers

NSX is only for VMs, right? Wrong! We’ve added support for native AWS and Azure workloads with NSX Cloud, support for applications running on bare metal servers (no hypervisor!), and increased support for containers (including containers running on bare metal). There’s much to get up to speed on so check out the can’t-miss 100-level sessions below, plus there are a bunch of 200 and 300 level sessions covering the Continue reading

NSX Cloud at VMworld US 2018

We have done a series of blogs on NSX Cloud in the last couple of weeks and the response has been great! We have customers who have purchased licenses already and are on-route to deployment, customers with whom we have completed POCs successfully, and a pipeline that looks promising. Meanwhile, recognitions continue to flow from all sides, CRN rated NSX Cloud as one of the 10 best SDN solutions for 2018 and NSX Cloud was judged as Best of Show runners-up in the cloud computing category at Interop Tokyo. With all this excitement and VMworld around the corner, we couldn’t help but write again to provide more updates. So, here we go!


Before reading on, if you would like to quickly go over past blogs, here is your single pane of glass to past blogs *wink*. You can find a high-level overview of VMware’s vision for Virtual Cloud Network and how NSX Cloud fits into the broader vision over here. If you are like, duh! I know that, can you just give me an overview about NSX Cloud… we hear you and this is where you could go to refresh your memory on NSX Cloud.  If you are Continue reading

At VMworld, Get An Inside Look at a Modern Bank. Learn How Wells Fargo and Other Top Brands Reduce Risk While Fostering Innovation.

This blog was co-authored by Jared Ruckle and Jonathan Morin.


VMworld is one of the seminal weeks in enterprise IT. You gather with your peers to learn and discuss the challenges of the day. And what are those challenges? Three stand out:

  1. Rising consumer expectations. Your customers expect to interact with your brand on their terms. Self-service, mobility, and speed are table stakes. If you don’t deliver a responsive and engaging user experience, you’re irrelevant.
  2. Increased competition from startups and incumbents. Your competitors aren’t only your peers in the FORTUNE 500. Startups all over the world are looking to take your market share.
  3. Constantly evolving security threats from every direction. Speaking of table stakes: security. In an era where attacks can be launched for pennies – by anyone, from anywhere – you have take a different approach to InfoSec. You need to move faster. Speed and velocity aren’t just for development teams. It’s a crucial for a modern InfoSec mindset too.


Sound familiar? It should if you’re an IT leader. No matter where you are on your journey to get better at software, it’s always fun to learn from others. We want to highlight a few sessions Continue reading

What’s New in VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.4.2

With this latest release, VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.4.2 continues to improve overall efficiency of the network, enhance security with Context-Aware Micro-Segmentation, and deliver operational enhancements to the NSX platform. Here are just a few highlights of what’s new.


Multicast Routing Support


With VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.4.2, NSX Logical Routers now have the capability of routing IPv4 multicast traffic.

vSphere 6.4.2

The location of the Virtual Machine multicast receivers (identified by their hypervisor, Logical Switch and Virtual NIC) is discovered thanks to IGMP snooping within the NSX domain. The Edge Service Gateway (ESG) runs PIM sparse mode with physical routers and coordinates with the Distributed Logical Router (DLR) in order to provide both ways multicast connectivity from Virtual Machines to the outside world.

For added multicast replication performance in the VXLAN Overlay, NSX leverages Layer 2 multicast in an underlying physical infrastructure running IGMP snooping. 


Context-Aware Micro-Segmentation


New Layer 7 Application Context

VMware has been taking security to the next level with Context-Aware Micro-Segmentation, better securing application using the full context of the application. This latest release includes the following new Layer 7 Application Context:

Definitive VMworld 2018 Guide for Micro-Segmentation Practitioners

As you plan to attend VMworld 2018 – Do you have questions like : how do I micro-segment? What grouping strategies do I use? How to do a Firewall-As-A-Service in hybrid VM and Container environments? Or you are a Pros and would like to know more of what is new? – We would like to help you answer and have the best possible help as you head back to your organizations. This blog captures the Micro-Segmentation sessions that are geared towards designing your micro-segmentation strategies. Meet with our experts go in details with you. Listen to our customers on their journeys and understand all the options that VMware can help you with this journey.


Monday: August 27, 2018

It starts at 11.30 am with:

Have lunch and then you have two choices:


VMworld 2018 Sessions on NSX Networking and Security in VMware Cloud on AWS

VMworld 2018 is a week away; are you attending? Want to learn more about NSX Networking and Security in VMware Cloud on AWS, how you can easily deploy and secure workloads in the cloud, or how to build hybrid cloud solutions with the familiarity and capabilities of vSphere? Make sure to attend the below sessions at VMworld 2018. We will go into a deep dive of all the functionality and show how VMware Cloud on AWS is being used by customers. Continue reading

VMware Cloud on AWS: Advanced Networking and Security with NSX-T SDDC

Announced in AWS Summit in New York last month and also briefly mentioned on the prior blog, Announcing General Availability of VMware NSX-T Data Center 2.2.0, NSX-T networking and security is now available in Preview Mode for new SDDC deployments on VMware Cloud on AWS. Please reach out to your sales/SE contact for more information.  In this blog post, I give an overview of the advanced networking and security functionality provided by NSX-T within VMware Cloud on AWS. Continue reading

Cisco certified? Join us at VMworld!

No, you’re not a fish out of water. You’re actually in the right place to be exposed to content that will change the way you think about networking and security.

We know you have spent years honing your skills around switching, routing, load balancing and network security so the concepts of NSX will be familiar to you. Get ready! We will dive deeper into new applications of these concepts to support the enterprise shift to cloud-centric networking and security.

Here is a list of the top 10 sessions for CCIEs and other Cisco Certified networking and security professionals to attend at VMworld to help you maximize your professional development into VMware NSX by covering the personal, business and technical benefits.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom for special NSX Mindset activities.


Top 10 Networking and Security Sessions for CCIEs – VMworld 2018

1. The NSX Keynote: Building the Network of the Future with the Virtual Cloud Network
Monday, Aug 27, 1:30-2:30PM
Speaker: Tom Gillis (@_tomgillis)

2. NSX Mindset: Clouds Collide, Opportunity Strikes 
Monday, 4:00PM – 5:00PM
Speaker: Chris McCain (@hcmccain). Stay to the end for a surprise!

3. Deploying NSX Data Center Continue reading

Eager to learn about the future of networking? Join us at FUTURE:NET 2018

We’re getting excited to welcome industry leading speakers to the stage at FUTURE:NET, an event VMware has been curating for the past three years. On Thursday, August 30th, luminaries from the networking industry will speak on how containers, microservices, and platforms are changing networking.

Below is a snapshot of the agenda. To learn more about each session and our speakers, check out the website.

Emin Gun Sirer, Associate Professor at Cornell
Blockchains: The Promise and Challenges Ahead for Networking

Ryland Degnan, CTO at Netifi
RSocket: Reactive Cloud-Native Networking

May Wang, CTO at Zingbox
IoT Networking & Security

Ken Owens, VP of Digital Native Architecture at Mastercard
Container Networking

Adam Casella, Co-Founder at SnapRoute
Containerized Microservices and Networking for Cloud Native

Zaid Ali Kahn, Senior Director Global Infrastructure at LinkedIn
The Self-Healing Infrastructure: LinkedIn’s Data Center Network Journey

Marco Palladino, CTO & Co-Founder at Kong
The API Management Journey from Monolith to Service Mesh

Louis Ryan, Principal Engineer at Google
Istio- A Network for Services Not Bytes

The event is almost full, but if you would like to attend, nominate yourself for an invitation here. Be sure to check back here in September for a recap of the event!

Questions? Contact Continue reading

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