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Onward & Upward: Recapping NSX-T in 2018 and Beyond



2018 was a big year for NSX-T Data Center, VMware’s network virtualization platform designed and optimized for application workloads running on both vSphere and non-vSphere environments, container platforms, and public clouds. In addition to supporting core use cases around security, automation, and multi-cloud networking, NSX-T Data Center has continued to expand the capabilities of the platform to include enabling networking and security for emerging use cases around containers and cloud-native applications. To support these use cases and increasingly deliver value to customers, NSX-T Data Center saw new versions released, improvements made to plug-ins, and integrations across an expanding ecosystem. 2018 also saw NSX-T Data Center gain significant momentum in terms of customer adoption, delivering enhanced and new capabilities across all use cases to a quickly growing number of customer deployments.


Product Releases, Plug-ins, and Integrations


In June, NSX-T Data Center 2.2 was released, bringing with this the ability to manage Microsoft Azure based workloads, referred to as NSX Cloud. The NSX-T Data Center platform was also updated to provide networking and security infrastructure for VMware Cloud on AWS. Other notable capabilities included enhanced data path mode in N-VDS, an improved controller cluster deployment experience, guest Continue reading

Ensuring Security Posture In A Multi Cloud World: A NSX(mas) Carol

Holidays are a great time of year to take a moment and reflect. In 2018 at VMware Networking & Security, we’ve had yet another exciting year for us—we’re very proud of many achievements. For example, NSX now being deployed by 82% of Fortune 100 companies is a substantial industry adoption data point.  But rather than focus on those numbers, I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our biggest accomplishments this year (in my opinion). Oh, and in case you missed some of those 2018 highlights, you can catch a replay of Tom Gillis’ keynote Building the Network of the Future with the Virtual Cloud Network from VMWorld US 2018.


NSX Past


Earlier this year (the end of April to be precise), at Dell Technologies World, we had our external launch of the Virtual Cloud Network. The problem statement was simple: our customers were embarking on a digital transformation journey in their respective lines of business and with those efforts came challenges around a new level of networking complexity. Their goal within their organizations was to move from centralized data centers to hyper-distributed centers of applications and data, typically spanning multiple locations, multiple geos, Continue reading

Enhance Security with NSX Cloud and Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

While virtual desktops have successfully helped address security and operational challenges, IT organizations still have concerns about a growing threat landscape and an expanded security perimeter that they need to protect, especially in public cloud environments. Malware, phishing, and other emerging advanced threats can be used to compromise a virtual desktop to serve as jumping off point for an attacker to move laterally into the rest of the network.  Until now, customers could secure their VMware Horizon deployments in on-premises data centers with VMware NSX. We are happy to announce that NSX can now also secure virtual workloads deployed by VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, providing a more robust security posture in cloud-hosted virtual desktop environments in Microsoft Azure.

It’s been a great year for Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. This service offering allows customers to easily pair their own Microsoft Azure capacity with the intuitive Horizon Cloud control to quickly deliver virtual desktops and apps to end-users in a matter of hours. There is a lot of momentum from customers as they adopt Horizon Cloud to deliver virtual desktops and application from their own Microsoft Azure infrastructure to any device, anywhere.

One of the key features of the Continue reading

VMware Cloud on AWS with NSX-T SDDC – Connectivity, Security, and Port Mirroring Demo

AWS with NSX-T

VMware Cloud on AWS with NSX-T SDDC – Connectivity, Security, and Port Mirroring Demo


VMware Cloud on AWS with NSX-T SDDC – Networking and Security

Watch the embedded demo below or view on the NSX YouTube channel here to see several cool NSX-T networking and security capabilities within VMware Cloud on AWS. The demo shows connectivity from VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to on-prem via AWS Direct Connect Private VIF. Access to native AWS services from VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC is also shown. Additionally, Edge security policies, distributed firewall/micro-segmentation, and port mirroring are demonstrated. Continue reading

Introducing VMware NSX Service Mesh

Introducing VMware NSX Service Mesh

We are excited to introduce VMware NSX® Service Mesh. Built on the foundation of Istio, this VMware offering will extend the capabilities of the Istio service mesh technology to bring visibility, control, and security at the application layer to microservices, the data they access, the users that interact with them, as well as traditional monolithic applications. In short, NSX Service Mesh will enable visibility, control, and security for services, data, and users at the API level. This acts as a natural evolution of cloud-native constructs and will act as an extension of the NSX-T Data Center platform’s replication of networking and security services in software, which is applied directly to containers via the Container Network Interface (CNI).


NSX Service Mesh

The Rise of Microservices

With the rise of cloud-native architectures built on distributed microservices, developers are encountering challenges with visibility, management, and control of these new applications. The microservices that these apps are comprised of are developed on cloud-native platforms like Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry, using a variety of programming languages, and often across multiple cloud environments. In addition, these applications consist of many more endpoints to scale, secure, and monitor than in traditional ones. This ultimately Continue reading

Introducing the Virtual Cloud Network Readiness Assessment

Is your network ready for applications, automation, multi-cloud, containers and more? Here’s a truth bomb for you: the network that got us here today is not sufficient for tomorrow. Sorry to be sardonic, but here are the facts: today, new business models, cloud adoption, and the explosion of connected devices are now must-haves for organizations that are prioritizing digital transformation initiatives. But legacy network approaches rooted in hardware just don’t cut it anymore; technology is rapidly shifting and improving at a rate that is undeniably fast. To keep up, modern networks must be able to support operations across data centers, multiple clouds, branch locations, and edge devices while prioritizing security for the ever-growing amount of application data that flows from every point within a network.

Despite these shifts and needs, many organizations do not have a unified approach to management, automation, and security. Do you know if your network does? Find out how software-first networking can transform your business.

Virtual Cloud Network Readiness Assessment

The Virtual Cloud Network Readiness Assessment can help you assess the current state of your network and security – for free.  By answering a few questions in this 10-minute survey, you’ll get a personalized report that Continue reading

VMware NSX Cloud at AWS re:Invent 2018

Howdy… if you have managed to check-in and get your AWS re:Invent pass, congratulations! Looks like running between AWS sessions across hotels in Las Vegas is the new Turkey Trot – welcome to the “Cloud First” world! Amongst all the craziness, we just wanted to take a moment and send a note to you from the NSX team.

As all of you know, NSX Cloud supports Azure and AWS since our latest NSX release – NSX 2.3. NSX Cloud will be showcased at the NSX demo pod at the VMware booth (Booth#2201) at AWS re:Invent (Sands Expo, Venetian). Our product experts are looking forward to meeting customers, answering product and use-case questions, and showcasing demos.

During the event, there will be multiple theatre presentations on NSX Cloud with a lot of swags to grab. For customer/partner meetings on NSX Cloud during the event, please reach out to the PM team (Percy Wadia, Shiva Somasundaram and Amol Tipnis)If you would like to take a look at all the Past Blogs and YouTube Videos on NSX Cloud, we have got it sorted for you.


Big Announcements:

The excitement is going to continue even after re:Invent as we will Continue reading

VMware NSX Cloud Now in AWS Solution Space

We are excited to announce that NSX Cloud, the VMware networking and security solution for AWS-native applications and hybrid-cloud, is now available in the AWS Solution Space! AWS created the Solution Space as a place for AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partners to showcase customer-ready solutions that combine AWS services with partner technologies and, optionally, consulting offers from APN consulting Partners. This is an especially notable milestone for NSX Cloud because it will be one of the first offerings in the Networking category for Solution Space.

NSX Cloud will be featured at AWS re:Invent this week, so be sure to stop by our theater sessions at the VMware booth (#2201) on Tuesday at 3:30pm or Thursday at 11:30am. We look forward to seeing you there, and are giving away an exciting prize to a lucky winner at each session!

What is NSX Cloud?

NSX Cloud is an extension of VMware’s NSX Data Center technology that brings the NSX networking and security framework to cloud-native applications in AWS. With NSX Cloud, IT administrators can apply the exact same networking and security policies they use in the data center to AWS-native applications, and they can manage those applications through the same interface Continue reading

Check Point CloudGuard now supports North-South service insertion for NSX-T Data Center

With VMworld Europe just around the corner, we are excited to announce that our valued partner Check Point’s product CloudGuard has met all the certification requirements for NSX-T Data Center North-South service insertion! This is the first such certification following the recent release of version 2.3. It is particularly exciting given that NSX-T is designed to connect and protect workloads running in multiple environments like public clouds and on-premises data centers, and CloudGuard for North-South traffic works at the point of connection between these networks. 

Enhancing security gateway capabilities with Check Point’s CloudGuard for traffic moving between virtual machines and external networks secures your assets and data in the cloud against even the most sophisticated threats, with multi-layered protections including: Firewall, IPS, Application Control, IPsec VPN, Antivirus, Anti-Bot, and award-winning SandBlast Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction technologies.  

NSX-T Data Center was designed with the concept of service insertion top of mind, enabling users with specific needs to seamlessly add third party applications at various points throughout the network. Having a robust ecosystem of partners is key to providing maximum flexibility for NSX-T Data Center, enabling you to add partner functionality that is tailored to your unique requirements without degrading performance elsewhere in the SDDC. Partner applications are Continue reading

Education Service Center Region 11 Protects Student Data with VMware NSX Data Center

Rory Peacock is the Deputy Executive Director of Technology at Education Service Center Region 11, where he oversees all technology services provided to Region 11 schools.

Region 11 is one of 20 education service centers throughout the State of Texas. In Texas, an education service center manages education programs, delivers technical assistance, and provides professional development to schools within its region. With regards to technology, education service centers assist their schools with hosted services and technical support.

Education Service Center Region 11 serves 70,699 educators and almost 600,000 students across 10 urban and rural counties.

I had the opportunity to talk to Rory about some of his largest technology challenges since he joined Region 11 in 2015.


Day Zero

Region 11 is a long-time VMware customer, introducing VMware vSphere in 2009. Since then, Region 11 has virtualized over 95% of their server environment. They’ve also made the move to virtual desktops utilizing VMware Horizon to support their 200 employees.

On the very day in 2016 that a meeting was set with the VMware NSX Data Center team to demo the product, Region 11 was hit with a zero-day attack of ransomware. A legacy system was hit in its demilitarized Continue reading

Flexible deployment options for NSX-T Data Center Edge VM

Each datacenter is unique and is designed to serve the specific business needs. To serve these business needs, you could have a small or a large ESXi/KVM footprint. NSX-T Data Center can be leveraged to provide networking and security benefits regardless of the size of your datacenter. This blog focusses on a critical infrastructure component of the NSX-T Data Center i.e. NSX-T Edge node. Refer to my previous blogs, where I have discussed how the centralized components of a logical router are hosted on Edge nodes and also, provide centralized services like N-S routing, NAT, DHCP, Load balancing, VPN etc. To consume these services, traffic from compute nodes must go to the Edge node.  

These NSX-T Edge nodes could be hosted in a dedicated Edge cluster or a collapsed Management and Edge cluster as discussed in the NSX-T Reference design guide. NSX-T Edge nodes could also be hosted in Compute Cluster in small Datacenter topologies, making it a Collapsed Compute and Edge Cluster design. Please refer to NSX-T Reference design guide to understand the pros/cons of using a dedicated cluster vs a shared cluster. 

In this blog, I will cover various deployment options of NSX-T VM form factor Continue reading

Accelerated Data Plane Performance Using Enhanced Data Path in NUMA Architecture

Authors: Jambi Ganbar (Sr. Technical Solutions Manager, NFV), Jubin Thomas (NSX Information Experience team)


Some workloads demand accelerated and predictable networking performance.  Our Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) customers and some of our financial, media, and high-performance computing (HPC) customers deploy these workloads. These workloads process a lot of network traffic. Network traffic in the virtual domain relies heavily on CPU cycles and the number of CPU cores available on the host.  These CPU resources are used by the workload to perform its task and by the hypervisor layer to deliver network traffic to and from the application.

In this blog, we discuss the configuration required to achieve accelerated data plane performance in modern multiple NUMA architecture hosts. This blog accompanies a new white paper we just released on the subject.  The white paper can be found here.

With the introduction of NSX-T version 2.2, we added a new mode of operations in the NSX-controlled virtual distributed switch. We refer to this switch as N-VDS.  This new mode is called Enhanced Data Path and is often indicated as N-VDS (E).  N-VDS (E) is one of the core building blocks in achieving accelerated data plane Continue reading

Inaugural 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure and VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud

Congratulations to the VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud team for its recognition as a Leader in the first Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure! The report is the first Magic Quadrant that includes evaluation of SD-WAN vendors and to be named a leader with the position furthest on Completeness of Vision is quite an honor.

VeloCloud, now part of VMware, began with the idea to remedy branch networking issues because the networks of yesterday were optimized to haul traffic back to the datacenter, not to the cloud where applications of today are housed. SD-WAN has solved for this issue amongst a plethora of others, becoming a technology disruptor in a way that nothing else has been in decades.

SD-WAN has, in a very short period of time, transitioned from a networking “nice-to-have” to a necessary component of the network infrastructure.  We’re excited to have Gartner recognize another key component of our rapidly growing networking portfolio and integral product in the VMware Virtual Cloud Network vision to provide the connectivity across cloud, data center, branches, end user, and applications regardless of where they will be used.


To download the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant on WAN Edge Infrastructure, click here.

Follow VMware NSX Continue reading

VMworld 2018 Europe Sessions on NSX Networking and Security in VMware Cloud on AWS

VMworld 2018 Europe in Barcelona is a week away. Want to learn more about NSX Networking and Security in VMware Cloud on AWS, how you can easily deploy and secure workloads in the cloud, or how to build hybrid cloud solutions with the familiarity and capabilities of vSphere? Make sure to attend the below sessions at VMworld 2018 Europe next week. We will go into a deep dive of all the functionality and show how VMware Cloud on AWS is being used by customers. Continue reading

Join Us: Immerse Yourself in Networking and Security at VMworld Europe

We are looking forward to a fantastic show at VMworld 2018 Europe. We have a ton of great content on networking and security to share with you including breakouts, labs, activities, and parties! You’ll have prime opportunities to learn about the Virtual Cloud Network, the latest on the NSX product portfolio, and network with your peers and VMware experts.

To get you started for a packed week of learning and fun, we highly recommend attending our two showcase keynotes:

First, at the NSX Keynote: Building the Network of the Future with the Virtual Cloud Network (Tuesday, 06 November, 14:00 – 15:00), you’ll hear Tom Gillis, the new GM of NSBU lead discussions on:

  • VMware’s vision for networking with the Virtual Cloud Network
  • The latest and greatest innovations across the NSX product portfolio
  • Joint solutions we are bringing to the cloud with IBM
  • A special conversation with key customers about how they are using NSX today
  • And, demonstrations showing the entire product portfolio in action including NSX Data Center, NSX Cloud, NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud, and AppDefense


Next, at the Security Keynote: Transforming Security in a Cloud and Mobile World, (Wednesday, 07 November, 14:00 – 15:00), Tom Corn, Continue reading

NSX at VMworld 2018 Europe – The Technical Session Guide

Hola! VMworld 2018 Europe is around the corner and we look forward to connecting with our VMware NSX community in Barcelona.  Before we go into session recommendations, let us give you a recap on what we have been up to since VMworld US.

Since VMworld US in August 2018, we have announced general availability for NSX-T Data Center 2.3. NSX-T Data Center 2.3 extends NSX platform support to Bare Metal servers, enhances multi-cloud control in AWS & Azure, advances security with N/S service insertion, and has many more enhancements.

Our friends from vSphere have also released vSphere 6.7 Update 1 which gives NSX-T N-VDS visualization in the vCenter now.

For automation fans, we have a Concourse CI pipeline which automates the NSX-T install. This pipeline can be used to stand up entire NSX-T environments on vSphere clusters by filing a simple parameter file.

NSX-T Concourse Pipeline information

Now, let’s talk about our VMworld Europe line-up. As usual, we have great technical deep-dives, deployment stories, and hands-on labs for you. For the technical enthusiasts who are interested in deep-dives and deployment strategies, here are a set of “geek” sessions to choose Continue reading

App Micro-segmentation How To’s: Informatica, Oracle and SAP

consolidated posts from the VMware on VMware blog

Are you someone that prefers a blank sheet of paper or an empty text pad screen?  Do you get the time to have that thought process to create the words, images or code to fill that empty space?  Yes to both — I’m impressed!  Creating something from scratch is an absolutely magical feeling especially once it gets to a point of sharing or usefulness.  However, many of us spend a bit more of our time editing, building upon or debugging.  Fortunately, that can be pretty interesting as well.

In the case of setting up mico-segmentation with VMware NSX Data Center, you have a couple options on quickly getting started:

Those resources and more are great jumping off points especially since you likely have more than just Informatica, Oracle and SAP apps in your environments.

Now, should you have those Informatica, Oracle and SAP apps, then here’s the next level of details.  I’m Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Networking & Security Sessions & Activities at VMworld Europe

At VMworld 2017, we took the NSX show on the road and demonstrated our expanded capabilities and support for new use cases, locations, and clouds.

But a lot has changed in a year.

Earlier in 2018, we announced the expansion of the NSX family of products to include NSX Data Center (formerly NSX), NSX Cloud, AppDefense, NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud, and NSX Hybrid Connect. With the new portfolio, we’ve delivered on the Virtual Cloud Network vision of connecting and protecting applications and data, regardless of where they sit – from the data center, to the cloud, and the edge.

VMworld Europe

To help you learn about this vision, and the products that underpin it, we have a huge VMworld 2018 in store for you. There are over 50 dedicated networking and security sessions covering everything from the basics to super-technical deep dives.

Be sure to attend the showcase sessions:

As a bonus, you can hear from real customers about their experiences in the Customer Panel on NSX Data Center.

Below is a guide to all things Networking and Security at Continue reading

NSX Cloud 2.3 – Support for AWS, Free Visibility into Public Cloud Workloads & more!

We are very excited about the following key NSX Cloud features which are shipping as part of the latest NSX release – NSX 2.3


Support for AWS:

NSX 2.3 now extends support for native AWS workloads. This is a big step towards VMware’s pursuit for a truly Hybrid Cloud NSX Solution. NSX customers can now simplify and scale operations across a growing number of accounts, subscriptions, virtual networks, availability zones and regions in AWS, Azure and private cloud. Furthermore, this opens the doors for adding more networking platform capabilities such as service insertion, etc.  Look out for more information on this in our future blogs.


Free Visibility into Public Cloud Workloads:

If you have an NSX-T based Datacenter deployed within your on-premise environment, it only takes one additional VM to extend your visibility to include all your Public Cloud workloads. Here is how you go about it: In the NSX-T download page, under the Product Downloads section, you will see the link to download NSX Manager / NSX Cloud Service Manager / NSX Policy Manager”. This is the NSX Unified Appliance which can be configured as an NSX Manager, or NSX Cloud Service Continue reading

Virtual Cloud Network Deep Dive: Join us in New York and Toronto!

Attention New York and Toronto, the NSX team is heading your way to deliver Deep Dive Sessions to help you get a jump start on taking your company’s networking and security to the next level!

With fall in the air, many of us are in the planning stages for big improvements for the year ahead. If your IT team is feeling pressure to increase agility, stay productive and help your company innovate, then you won’t want to miss these sessions to get a head start on the latest approach to networking and security.

The Problem with the Old Approach to Networking and Security

Traditional, hardware-based approaches to networking and security are pedantic, inflexible, and notoriously slow-moving. At the same time, the complexity around applications, services and data is increasing, while new, more sophisticated and ever-evolving threats are also in the mix – making IT teams responsible for more environments than ever before (data, cloud, branches, and the edge, oh my!). That’s all to say, there’s a lot to solve for. Luckily the NSX team has your back.

Build Your Foundation for a Virtual Cloud Network

VMware NSX® is an innovative networking and security approach that changes the Continue reading

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