Redefining datacenter connectivity with open source networking

SPONSORED FEATURE: The face of modern networking is changing dramatically in parallel with the exponential increase in the volume of data traffic over the last several years.

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The BGP Multi-Exit Discriminator (MED) Saga

Martijn Van Overbeek left this comment on my LinkedIn post announcing the BGP MED lab:

It might be fixed, but I can recall in the past that there was a lot of quirkiness in multi-vendor environments, especially in how different vendors use it and deal with the setting when the attribute does exist or does not have to exist.

TL&DR: He’s right. It has been fixed (mostly), but the nerd knobs never went away.

In case you’re wondering about the root cause, it was the vagueness of RFC 1771. Now for the full story ;)

Tigera has achieved AWS Security Competency status!

We’re happy to announce that Tigera recently achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency status. This designation recognizes the security capabilities of Tigera’s Calico Cloud platform in helping customers secure their AWS workloads and achieve their cloud security goals.

To receive the designation, AWS Partners must possess deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS. After evaluating Calico Cloud’s security capabilities, including vulnerability management, container- and network-based threat detection, observability and security policy lifecycle, AWS found it surpassed the competency requirements.

This is the second AWS competency Tigera has achieved and we’re proud to add this new competency to our existing AWS Containers Software Competency. Our team is dedicated to helping companies achieve their Kubernetes and container security goals by combining our technology with the range of powerful security tools AWS provides.

Read the full press release for more details or visit us on the AWS Marketplace.

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D2C222: What’s New In Azure Networking (Sponsored)

Today's Day Two Cloud discusses how Azure's use of hollow core fiber will impact customers, building networks to support AI workloads, the general availability of Virtual Network Manager, routing improvements, a tech preview of IPAM in vNet Manager, updates around containers and security, and other network-related topics in Azure. Microsoft is the sponsor of this episode.

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BGP Labs: Set BGP Communities on Outgoing Updates

It’s hard to influence the behavior of someone with strong opinions (just ask any parent with a screaming toddler), and trying to persuade an upstream ISP not to send the traffic over a backup link is no exception – sometimes even AS path prepending is not a strong enough argument.

An easy solution to this problem was proposed in 1990s – what if we could attach some extra attributes (called communities just to confuse everyone) to BGP updates and use them to tell adjacent autonomous systems to lower their BGP local preference? You can practice doing that in the Attach BGP Communities to Outgoing BGP Updates lab exercise.

AWS Taps Nvidia NVSwitch For Beefy AI GPU Nodes

Since the advent of distributed computing, there has been a tension between the tight coherency of memory and its compute within a node – the base level of a unit of compute – and the looser coherency over the network across those nodes.

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Recap: KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2023

Thanks to everyone who joined us in Chicago this month at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2023. We had a chance to have many meaningful conversations about Kubernetes and container security, the latest in the open source ecosystem, and of course—Calico! Here are some highlights from the conference.

Calico at KubeCon

We had a ton of visitors at our booth this year and were happy to catch up with old friends as well as meet new ones. Tech problems for business needs, such as how to provide fixed IPs to workloads for communication outside of the Kubernetes cluster instead of architectural debates about the underlying dataplane, was a popular topic of discussion. Another was runtime security at the workload level (default-deny/zero trust). The issue of visibility into workload communication at scale overlaid with effective security policies also came up often. We were all too happy to show how Calico can help!

Cruise Party

Those who joined us for our private cruise party enjoyed a guided architecture tour of the spectacular Chicago lakefront. The evening went swimmingly and offered our guests a chance to unwind and network while enjoying great food and an open bar, against a backdrop of glittering skyscrapers.

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Cyber Week: Analyzing Internet traffic and e-commerce trends

Throughout the year, special events lead to changes in Internet traffic. We observed this with Thanksgiving in the US last week, where traffic dipped, and during periods like Black Friday (November 24, 2023) and Cyber Monday (November 27, 2023), where traffic spiked.

But how significant are these Cyber Week days on the Internet? Is it a global phenomenon? Does e-commerce interest peak on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and are attacks increasing during this time? These questions are important to retailers and stakeholders around the world. At Cloudflare, we manage substantial traffic for our customers, which gives us a unique vantage from which to analyze traffic and attack patterns across large swaths of the Internet.

As we'll explore next, we observed varying trends. From a global perspective, there was a clear Internet traffic winner: Cyber Monday was the highest overall traffic day of 2023 (as it was for 2022), followed by Black Friday, and then Monday, November 21 from the same week. But zooming in, this pattern didn’t hold in some countries.

For this analysis, we examined anonymized samples of HTTP requests crossing our network, as well as DNS queries. Cloudflare's global data shows that peak request traffic occurred on Continue reading

AWS Adopts Arm V2 Cores For Expansive Graviton4 Server CPU

For more than a year, we have been expecting for Amazon Web Services to launch its Graviton4 processor for its homegrown servers at this year’s re:Invent, and lo and behold, chief executive officer Adam Selipsky rolled out the fourth generation in the Graviton CPU lineup – and the fifth iteration including last year’s overclocked Graviton3E processor aimed at HPC workloads – during his thrombosis-inducing keynote at the conference.

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